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Awesome Plans
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  • PT 1: 1
  • Achieve and maintain your goals

  • Personal Training is more than individual training. You determine your goals and I help you not only to achieve them but also to keep them. How are we going to do that? By setting up a realistic plan with effective training and support as much as you need. Curious?

  • € 150
  • PT 1: 1
  • Optimal results with this Personal Training package

  • Get visible results with this package of 10 Personal Training sessions. You will see that with each training you become stronger and you always come one step closer to your goals. Nothing motivates more! Are you ready?

  • € 960
  • PT 1: 2-3
    20 sessions
  • For everyone who wants to achieve maximum results

  • With this package of 20 training sessions with a maximum of 3 people per training course you will achieve those results! The pleasant, small-scale group dynamic makes training extra fun.

  • € 800
  • PT 1:2-4
    Een maand
  • Small-scale group training, suitable for everyone

  • With this group training of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people you will achieve great results in a fun way! In addition, training becomes extra fun thanks to the small-scale group dynamics and varied exercises.

  • € 120



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