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Personal Training

Achieve and maintain your goals

Personal Training is more than individual training. You determine your goals and I help you not only to achieve them but also to keep them. How are we going to do that? By setting up a realistic plan with effective training and support as much as you need. Curious?


What can I expect?

A personal plan exactly tailored to you and your objectives.

You determine it!

Targeted, varied and effective training of 75 minutes thanks to different methods and materials.

Both indoor, outdoor, strength and cardio training are all part of the range.

Professional nutritional advice and coaching to achieve and maintain your goals.

As a coach I am there for you! In between training sessions I am also available for you by phone, via WhatsApp or by e-mail. Together we ensure that you can really enjoy life as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Clear results through different types of measurements and measurement moments.

This includes weight, height, BMI and body composition, but also the vital functions such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure. We will keep a close eye on your progression and this will only increase your motivation!

Make free use of the facilities on site such as coffee, spring water, showers and fresh towels.

Do you really want to relax? Then use the SunShower (solarium or infrared) at a discount.

Dare to be great!

Let's talk about your training. It's free!
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